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Engine Overload Solutions and Propeller Modifications

Propeller modifications

The inevitable roughening and fouling of the hulls of older vessels can drastically increase the torque load imposed on the main engine by the propeller.

The resulting drop in propeller revolutions can result in reduced turbocharger efficiency and high exhaust gas temperatures, with the risk of damage to exhaust valves and cylinder liners.

At Stone Marine Shipcare a particular speciality is the modification of existing propellers to alleviate engine overload and other propulsion problems.

Cropping, reshaping edges and balancing to specifications created by Stone Marine Propulsion allow the vessel to continue trading virtually uninterrupted.

Propeller Modification:

A suitable propeller modification can restore the correct operating environment for the engine with no appreciable loss in either propeller efficiency or cavitation performance.

Modifying the trailing edge shape of a propeller blade section radically alters its hydrodynamic characteristics in the same way as deploying the flaps on an aeroplane wing.

The optimum type of modification consists of a reshaping of the blade trailing edges, possibly with a small reduction in propeller diameter if appropriate.

The success of the modification is highly dependent upon the trailing edge shape and should only be entrusted to properly trained propeller technicians.

Afloat Modifications:

Stone Marine Shipcare operates a worldwide network of accredited service facilities all backed up by the Company’s headquarters in Birkenhead U.K.

If the vessel can be sufficiently trimmed, all work can be carried out afloat with minimal delay.

Modification Drawing:

Our sister company, Stone Marine Propulsion, has extensive knowledge and long experience in the design of suitable modifications for all classes of ships.

The company offers a comprehensive service to owners and operators and is always available to discuss the most technically correct solution to your particular problems.

Stone Marine Shipcare has many years’ experience applying these modifications in many challenging environments.