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Special Projects

Image showing Shipcare engineer using a 3D white light scanner

With a unique combination of Naval Architecture, Engineering and Metallurgical skills available within the Stone Marine group of companies, a wide range of project management, repair and modification services can be provided.

SM Shipcare’s new white-light 3D scanner can be used insitu to capture the complex 3-dimensional shape of propeller blades.

This digital information is then used to produce very precise patterns for the Foundry, resulting in extremely accurate replacement tip castings and dramatically reducing the overall repair timeframe.

At Stone Marine Shipcare we often carry out remedial work on propellers that have suffered serious damage. Images of a recent example of work carried out on the RFA Fort Victoria are shown below.

We removed the existing Pilgrim Mk III cast iron sleeve from the RFA’s propeller bore. After cleaning it was re-araldited’ on to a new replacement propeller that our sister company Stone Marine Propulsion had made for her.

Shipcare propeller being unpackedShipcare propeller being unpacked