Managing Director Statement

Managing Director Statement

I started my career at Stone Marine Shipcare in 1997 and it’s been an incredible journey. There has been so many opportunities and we now have an excellent team of skilled and talented people with a passion for the industry. Professional, hardworking, and highly motivated, our team enjoy a great relationship with our clients.

We understand our customer’s needs, demonstrating versatility, resourcefulness, and an exceptional eye for detail. I take great pride in my work and encourage my colleagues to have the same attitude. We are only satisfied when a project has been delivered with the utmost quality, timeliness, and integrity.

I believe that people enjoy working at Stone Marine Shipcare because we strive to make positive change in the workplace, rewarding achievement and dedication, while maintaining an overall family feel to the business.

The company has been growing steadily, mainly thanks to our customers, who strongly believe in Stone Marine and who we work very closely with to reach our common goals. We will continue to grow in the coming years as right now we are expanding sales, staff, facilities and our product portfolio. We pride ourselves on providing a fast, effective, efficient service, production, and spare parts supply.

Our customers base is predominantly international shipping and management companies of all sizes, but we have recently been pushing hard in the UK market to promote our unrivalled technical knowledge and fantastic repair facility based in Birkenhead, Merseyside and have recently established numerous local partnerships within the UK.

Fran JohnsonManaging Director

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