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Local Partnerships are central to our core business.

We are proud to serve our local maritime sector. Promoting work with companies based or operating vessels within 100 miles of Stone Marine Shipcare we encourage stronger relationships and cooperation.

Contact us for more information on how we can work together to reduce costs and strengthen the North West Maritime Sector.

Local Partnerships SM Shipcare

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Carmet Local Partners SMS
Carmet Local Partners SMS
Carmet Marine Services

Stone Marine Shipcare have been a proud local partner of Carmet Marine Services for many years. Working together to provide essential propeller maintenance and together helping each other to grow in our strengthening local marine sector.

Being a local partner with Stone Marine Shipcare has been hugely beneficial.

The work that they’ve completed for us over the past few years has been excellent.

Having them repair propellers for ourselves and our clients in a very short timescale has been invaluable’

I cannot overestimate the value of our trusted partnership. They really have helped us to keep essential shipping moving.

Mr Brett Metcalfe (Managing Director, Carmet Tug Company Ltd.)

R&C Stone Marine Shipcare Partner
R&C Marine Services Ltd.

We are proud to have developed our trusted partnership with R&C Marine Services and we look forward to our continued work together in the Superyacht and Leisure Craft sectors.

When Stone Marine Shipcare approached us and outlined their strategy we were hugely impressed by their vision & professionalism.

Becoming a local partner with such a quality company will help us reach heights that we simply would not have been able to achieve on our own.

This partnership adds a unique offering to R&C Marine Services support network, where our clients trust us to be smarter in the solutions we offer.

Mr Andrew Robson (R&C Marine Services Ltd)

Commercial Boat Services (ChesterBoat)

Chester Pleasureboats operate on the River Dee and are one of Chester City’s major attractions. Providing a service like ours is vital for business owners relying on the vessels to generate their income – if they’re not moving they’re not earning.

It was a great pleasure to meet with the owner and discuss future work. For all that we do to help to keep big vessels moving around the world it is really nice to work with pleasure craft and to remember that for many people, boats are for fun and there’s nothing more enjoyable than spending a few hours quietly moving along a scenic river and relaxing.

As a local operator, we were delighted when they accepted our offer of a future partnership. We are well used to delivering high quality repairs quickly and at great value to our customers.

We were so pleased with the service that we received from Stone Marine Shipcare after they were recommended to us. To have access to a service such as this right on our doorstep is brilliant news for us. And to have expertise not just on propeller repair but their help maintaining the shafts will be another big wait off our shoulders.

We were so pleased to become a local partner of Stone Marine Shipcare and to work more closely with people so immensely knowledgeable and skilled.

Mr Brian Clarke (Commercial Boat Services ChesterBoat)

Briggs Marine

We began working with Briggs Marine (Liverpool) in early 2020 providing the same essential propeller maintenance that we are known for the world over and we are now very pleased to announce Briggs Marine (Liverpool) as our Local Partner.

Our new partnership is testament to the work that we have done together.

Not just the communication & the planning of upcoming work but also the relationship that we have developed over the past 18 months.

Shipping is an essential element of the local & UK economy and if vessels cannot be piloted in and out of Liverpool the delays can be very costly and have a knock-on effect. Our role is to support local operators as they intern make their contribution to the maritime sector.

Stone Marine Shipcare are proud to support the work that Briggs Marine undertakes in moving pilots onto and away from vessels on the Mersey and we look forward to growing our work together in the future.

The work that Stone Marine Shipcare has completed for us over the past 18 months has been invaluable. 9 propellers have been repaired since we started to work together, all completed on or ahead of schedule. In many cases our propellers are performing better than when the damage occurred.

Securing our local supply chain has been essential for us as we move forward and grow in Liverpool. Working together has helped us to maintain our schedules during an exceptionally busy time.

This partnership is a great sign of cooperation between companies. Working together to achieve difficult goals and as they say… helping us to keep essential shipping moving.

Mr Neil Reid (Briggs Marine)

Stone Marine Shipcare
Negotiations in progress

We are currently in negotiation with a number of local maritime companies for whom our support is an integral part of their operational plan.

Our tailored packages allow us to plan and allow companies to access the support they need, when they need it, at a reduced cost.

For some companies, a rapid response is essential, for some, planned maintenance packages provide reassurance.

Whatever the requirements, we develop partnerships.

Working together with companies, owners & vessel managers to provide the right support and helping to reduce costs.

Tell us how we can help you.