Propeller & Blade Repair and Maintenance

Recognised as world leaders in propeller & blade repair & maintenance. Highly skilled propeller repair technicians Coded & Class Approved.

Our Birkenhead workshop and our bespoke mobile repair facilities are equipped with all the necessary equipment for propeller & blade repairs.

Propeller Repair & Maintenance Propeller & Blade Repair and Maintenance Propeller Repair Blade Maintenance



Cutting edge propeller survey & tip modelling combined with leading class approved foundries make our Re-Tipping service both fast & cost effective.

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Weld Repair

Edge Build Up & Cavitation repair are common requirements and our expertise can help keep your propellers fit for purpose.

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Post-Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)

Whether its local or whole propeller stress relief, our experience helps us deliver the best repair package for your propeller, including bespoke furnace construction for onsite PWHT.

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  • PWHT Shipcare

Propeller Polish

Experienced propeller technicians are essential for good quality propeller polishing. Significant fuel savings can be achieved by polishing at more regular intervals.

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Propeller & Blade Balancing

Our bespoke load cell arrangement ensures static balance well within Class tolerances Dynamic balancing of equipment of 1kg – 10T ISO1940:1976 Certified ISO:9000 Dynamic Balancing.

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Blade Palm Machining

Blade Palm maintenance at our repair facility is an integral part of the comprehensive service package that we provide.

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  • Blade Machining

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