BoA80: Bridge Screens & Ships Windows

HMS Duke of York, commissioned in July 1941 was one of the first wartime recipients of another item produced by Stones during #WW2.

With the development of airborne warfare at sea and the threat of unhearalded attack from above, it was necessary to develop protection systems for exposed positions on ships.

Whilst glass provided excellent weather protection under most circumstances, it was important that the glass could quickly be removed at the first sign of attack – bridge screens and windows of various designs were supplied across the allied fleet with over 4,600 being produced for battleships, aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, sloops and mine sweepers.

One type allowed for the removal of glass in ten seconds to ensure uninterrupted vision.

On another type of bridge screen the glass was arranged to drop down on the inboard side of bullet proof plating.

There was also a pressure tight window for use in the most exposed positions where protection was provided by bullet proof shutters.

In every case, ships personnel were protected from the danger of flying glass in the most extreme situations.

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