CP Blade Inspection & Repair at our Birkenhead Workshop

Demand for propeller repair continues…

Demand for propeller repair continues with the arrival of 4 CP blades requiring inspection and the repair of cavitation erosion damage at our Birkenhead workshop. Wear on the blade palms and edge damage was also evident.

Blade palm machining, MIG weld repair and post weld heat treatment were completed on schedule and the blades were heading back to the vessel exactly when we said they would be.

The time scale available to complete a repair is often the critical factor for our customers.

Securing local supply chains and maintaining good relationships with suppliers who can reliably deliver their services is critical to many vessel operators, particularly our local partners.

This is another example of the essential service that we provide to our customers.

Stone Marine Shipcare Ltd.: Keeping essential shipping moving.

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Contact our service support team to find out more about any of the services we offer.

Contact our service support Team to find out more about any of the services we offer.